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Reflect & Reset
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What a year full of continuous pivoting, learning, re-learning, strategizing, (re-strategizing) and growth! I don’t know about you, but we have definitely made some discoveries along the way. Why not celebrate and share those discoveries with each other. 

Members, we invite you to our final digital event of 2021 for an opportunity to share with fellow members what you have learned over the past year, what your plans are for next year and what impacts you plan to make for 2022. Let’s make 2022 a year to step it up and declare those big goals in a group sharing experience. 

What to expect at Reflect & Reset: 

  • Welcome message & yearly highlights from our Founders 
  • Sharing some of our member’s 2021 big milestones & accomplishments 
  • Member trivia game 
  • Group discussion - Let’s speak those 2022 declarations into existence! 
  • Member Networking 
  • Final 2021 Dance Party! 

See you there dressed in your Holiday best! 

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