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We’re letting you in on our closest held secrets and giving you a look into the inner workings of City MOGULS by sharing the businesses we rely on every single day.

Because we are SO passionate about these businesses, we reached out to them to see if they wanted to get involved with the community as well and become trusted partners…which means EXCLUSIVE DEALS + OFFERS FOR THIS EXTRAORDINARY COMMUNITY!

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Product-based entrepreneurs: this one's for you! Unlock a 14-day FREE trial and open your virtual storefront today
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Have you been prioritizing self-care? Treat yourself to clean and decadent bath soaks, bath bombs and bubble oils with no harsh additives and zero synthetic fragrances. Use code MOGULS10.
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Find a trusted, credible, and reliable service provider to outsource everything from social media, SEO, and MORE. Get matched with a trusted freelancer and take some of the workload off your plate…because you don’t have to do everything alone.
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Cloudstudios is a platform that enables individual entrepreneurs to run their entire business online. MOGUL Member Nicole Erica has been using Cloudstudios to scale her personal training business digitally. Visit her platform here.
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Frame of Mind Coaches work with leaders who are working their butts off (you), who are frustrated with the results they generating and help them find a better way. Use code citymoguls2021.
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Aka delicious Entrepreneur fuel. Mid-Day Squares is A protein-packed, fibre-rich, functional chocolate bar. Treat yourself…guilt-free! Use code citymoguls15.
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Online wills made easy with Willful. Get peace of mind for you, your family, & your business by creating your will today. Use code MOGULS.
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