This community is one of the most loving, respectful, and accepting communities I have been part of. After finishing the MOGUL Crews Accelerator, I can truly speak to how organized and thoughtful the ladies are at City MOGULS. It's one of the best communities out there.

Deanna Rose

After eyeing the wonderful workshops and seminars City MOGULS has been hosting for years, we finally made the jump and joined their Accelerator program. Best. Decision. Ever. Finally, we are able to GENUINELY connect with like-minded people and get the feedback and support we need in order to grow our business.

Juliette Capdevielle

Being a part of three different Crews was a huge benefit for me and my business. I connected deeply with several members, received feedback on my business, was inspired and encouraged by my fellow crew members. I gained clients, paid business, hired and collaborated with some of the members. Even during Covid we made time to get together in person, not just on the Zoom calls! It’s been a very exciting and supportive experience! Highly recommend, the investment is definitely worth it!

Stephanie Rourke Jackson
Founder & Leadership Coach of Beacon Coaching

Mogul Crews was something to look forward to every week. Great discussions, sense of accountability, friendship and support.

Jade Jager Clark
Owner of Jade's Hip Hop Academy

The networking happy hour was one of the best networking events I’ve been to because we had the opportunity to meet so many different people so quickly. Great structure!

Nathan Koo

City MOGULS gave me the community of media entrepreneurs I was looking for. It's amazing to log in every week and see 8 other faces who are going through the same things as me in different ways. Highly recommend a membership, I've met some really great people.

Melissa Plotogea
Founder of Bee Blush Co.
Linda Stamko
Founder of TheStyleApp Inc.

My first session with my mentor was eye opening. She asked tough but insightful questions and made me think outside my little box. We put together a list of business goals which made me feel like I knew exactly what I was working on. That session reminded how important it is to get out of my own head and see things differently. Priceless.

Agata Rudd
Co-founder of Packt & Korotu Technology
Daisy Gao
Co-founder of Rainbow Bridge Consulting
Stephanie Rourke Jackson
Leadership Development Coach with Beacon Coaching & Leadership
Florence Casuga
Chief Happiness Officer

City MOGULS gave me the community of media entrepreneurs I was looking for. It's amazing to log in every week and see 8 other faces who are going through the same things as me in different ways. Highly recommend a membership, I've met some really great people.

Jenna Pilgram

MOGUL Crews has helped to expand my network and build a support network in the sometimes lonely world of entrepreneurship.

Sonia Dong
Co-Owner & Managing Director at Henkaa
Monique Hutson
Founder of Dom Productions

Thank you to Victoria and Dani for providing a platform for entrepreneurs to grow. I’ve made so many meaningful connections on a personal to professional level, even finding a strategic referral partner like Raj from wallet wiz and a couple clients to really scale my biz!!

Brandon Benzon
Founder of Unbreakable Financial Solution

Being an entrepreneur can be really lonely, and being a part of a group of other incredible entrepreneurs really made me feel like I was a part of the community 🙂

Jonathan Friedman
Co-founder of The Journal That Talks Back

Getting feedback from outside my normal network was so valuable. Having an honest and earnest problem solving team going into a launch of a new service line has been immensely helpful with the large and small decisions that go into my business at this important juncture.

Andreia McLean
Principal at Get Inviting

I enjoyed having kind and supportive entrepreneurs to talk to.

Emma Givens
Founder of Emma Givens: Content & Copy

City MOGULS has helped me build my confidence and voice to match the confidence I’ve always had in my app. I love all the networking events and especially being a part of MOGUL Crews. I’ve met amazing entrepreneurs to grow my business. I’ve benefited from being a City MOGUL member and recommend it to anyone looking to grow their business.

Linda Stamko
Founder & CEO Style App
Raj Raman
Founder of WalletWiz Financial Literacy

City MOGULS is a game changer in this fierce entrepreneurial world. Before, I felt alone, overwhelmed by information and underwhelmed in support. Now, I have more time for the things I love thanks to the crew at City MOGULS!! They provide me with quality information, confidence and experience. I continue to find lots of value. Looking forward to the bright future with my chin up!

Kasia Siwak
Founder of Liquid Web Masters

The advice and guidance I received regarding my new business logo for my new store helped drive me in the right direction and improved the overall end product.

Lorna Cumming
Founder of Model Mentor Canada

You learn valuable business tools when listening to Crew members speak about their business. You don't get these deep discussions during networking events - this magic only happens during Crew events.

Linda Stamko
Founder of the Style App Inc.

I’ve been part of the amazing City MOGULS community since 2018! I’ve made some of the most incredible connections with other leaders and entrepreneurs through their membership program and events. I’ve also experienced personal growth and business growth with MOGUL Crews. The cohorts are designed to promote goal setting, accountability, networking and there is really great team support. It’s great to be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey to becoming better versions of themselves and who have a growth mindset both personally and professionally. I highly recommend joining this amazing community!

Yasmin Benhan
Founder of CourseCreation.com & NYB Media

As an entrepreneur in the COVID-19 era, it's easy to feel isolated and alone in your struggles. MOGUL Crews changed that by providing me with a peer support pillar, regular learning & networking opportunities, plus access to some of the best coaches and amazing founders Canada has! I've been part of 2 Crews with them already, and plan to be a part of many more. It feels so great to have this support system!

Zhana Dmitryuk

MOGUL Crews were a good way to get support and ideas for my business and expand my network. I really enjoyed the regular connections—especially during COVID.

Wendy Woods
Founder of Wendy Woods Coaching