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Bringing people together.

Our roots started with bringing people together. This is what City MOGULS does best. MOGUL events educate, empower and celebrate the entrepreneurial community. Join us at one of our prestigious upcoming events.

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Upcoming Virtual Events

The Networking Happy Hour

The networking happy hour is a weekly virtual event for members only (but you can register for free if this is your first event).

It's about having deep and meaningful conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs from across all industries. Attendees have the opportunity to enter in 8-12 different breakout rooms, where there is opportunity to find collaborators, potential clients and expand your network. This event is where you can share what you are personally looking for in your business as well as what you can offer to individuals.

  • On average, attendees met 6-8 other entrepreneurs and leaders
  • More than 50% of connections made have led to a collaboration, job opportunity, or client acquisition
  • 100% of attendees recommend attending entrepreneurs events like Networking Happy Hour to friends and colleagues

It's an invaluable benefit for early-stage entrepreneurs, which is why our members speak so highly of our membership plans.