Last Minute Tips For Black Friday Cyber Monday

Monique Hutson

by Monique Hutson

Published: November 18, 2021

Not to be overly dramatic but Black Friday/Cyber Monday can literally make or break your business. 

Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM) week has become the biggest spending season across Canada and the US.

According to a study conducted by Planoly, Cyber Monday alone drove $10.84 billion in online sales last year - the biggest online spending day in US history. 

Between BFCM week and the holiday shopping season, marketing is crucial… and very overwhelming. So if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur and just broke out into a cold sweat, you are NOT alone.

It may be a few days till the shopping craze begins, but here are a few small things you can do to capitalize on BFCM before it’s too late.

  1. Make it work for you

There’s a misconception that Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals only work for product-based businesses. WRONG. As a service-based biz, the week is still an opportunity to capture leads and increase conversions, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Check out these tips to make the most out of Black Friday if you’re a business that offers services. 

  1. Offer BOPIS

If you’re concerned about offering a deal, getting an influx of orders, and subsequently struggling with delivery, “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” has thankfully become a popular alternative due to the panderosa. Ideally, the customer wouldn’t have to pay for shipping and would pay less, so the discount would make this option more appealing too.

  1. Throw some extra money at your search and ad spend for the week

If you’ve been going back and forth on whether to invest in Facebook or Google ads - here’s your sign to do both. Both channels are great for generating traffic and sales for online stores, so chances are you’ll spend much more on your ads during BFCM than you usually do. Just remember to adjust your account spending limit, even if by a little, to make sure your high-performing ads don’t cap off too early. Here are six ways to boost your sales using ads during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

  1. Jump on social media and make a video announcement

Have a deal ready but don’t have the time to create a post? That’s why stories were created. Each day leading up to BFCM, take five minutes in the morning to go live or post a video on your story. Talk to your audience and let them know what your business has planned for BFCM. It also helps that video content is favoured on a lot of platforms nowadays. Here are 10 more tips for BFCM marketing on Instagram.

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  1. And open up your calendar app NOW

If you struggle to prepare for the BFCM/holiday season every year, set aside some time next July to start brainstorming with your team and create a plan. We’re not kidding. Literally, open up your calendar app now and schedule it. We’ll wait. 


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