Samantha Schleese

by Samantha Schleese

Published: November 23, 2020

It's a funny time, the holiday season. We go so far out of our way to get gifts for the people in our lives that mean so much to us, yet we forget sometimes that the gifts themselves impact our local communities and businesses... especially this year. We know this might sound impossible, but are you ready to log out of your Amazon account so that local businesses have a fighting chance of survival? We are here to help you make the shift to buying local this holiday season.

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Here are 5 ways to help you shop local this holiday season:

1. Do some extra research into where products are coming from and on the brands themselves. A lot of great brands are transparent about where their products are made and about their own stories of launching their business.

2. Need a gift for the amazing women in your life? Shop the MOGULS Holiday Essentials Box and support the dreams of 9 Canadian business owners PLUS give back to at-risk youth as 20% of all proceeds to Covenant House Toronto. Check out the full list of products in the box below.

3. Check out this incredible directory Shop Local Labels - a curated list of Canadian products. All you have to do is subscribe and get access to hundreds of great options!

4. Look to your friends and family this holiday season: do they have a business that you might be able to support? Maybe you didn't realize that your friend's company is now selling a new product or that your family friend has started a new venture. Going that extra mile will make such an impact and you get to say that you actually supported a friends business!

5. Give back. Although it might not seem as personal of a gift, donating to a local charity on behalf of a family member is the truest form of giving this holiday season. Charities are in desperate need of support to help those less fortunate. Research some causes that are meaningful to you and let everyone in your family know how that donation has made an impact.

Remember, when you shop local, you not only directly support the Canadian economy, but you give brands in your community exposure, AND you boost job opportunities within the community. Let's give a leg up to the next generation, to business owners, and to our beautiful local communities!!

Here's a list of all the incredible brands who are a part of the MOGUL Holiday Essentials Box, which is on sale now!

The box is valued at over $200. Grab yours now (while quantities last) for $149 or $119 with your MOGUL Membership. Each product has been handpicked from local brands to curate the perfect holiday gift for the boss women in your life!

Hear more about the products in the box and why each founder started their brand:

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Winter Blend Tea by Tease Tea

Founder Sheena Brady says: “I started Tease Tea as a way to bridge my education as a tea sommelier with my desire to create impact through socially conscious business. Since 2016, I have continued to grow and scale both the business and impact, contributing over $150,000 to programs that support women entrepreneurs.

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Grey Toque by Tenfed

Co-Founders Kory McLaughlin & Mike Wallis say: “We started this brand because we wanted to do something that could directly impact people who are less fortunate than us. Many of us were dealt a great hand. Not everyone has the luxuries that we have. At the same time, we wanted to build a business that we could be passionate about. We wanted to create something that would fill our souls and not just our pockets.”

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Fresh Cinnamon Honey by Ontario Honey Creations

Co-Founders Sarah Allinson-Chorabik and Peter Chorabik say: “We first started as Toronto Bee Rescue, with the goal to humanely remove honey bee swarms for free throughout Toronto and the GTA. That grew to the point where both Peter and I were able to leave our corporate office jobs and start Ontario Honey Creations, where we now produce and sell a variety of different honey products. A portion of each one of Ontario Honey Creations sales now supports the free honey bee swarm removal services of Toronto Bee Rescue.”

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Soy Candy Cane Candle by Sara’s Soaps and Candles

Founder Sara McIntyre says: “I started this venture 5 years ago by making soap for a co-worker, and within a few months had started making candles to replace the store brand candles I had been buying for years. After testing my candles out with friends and realizing there was a market for them, Sara's Soaps and Candles was born.”

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Mask & Matching Scrunchie Set by Nicole Bach

Co-Founders Oksana Ringsma and John Chao say: “We started this concept as a way to change the shopping experience and empower women with a tailored solution made just for them. This is about building confidence and being part of a bigger conversation on how women deserve better options. It comes from years in retail and seeing the damage that's being done first hand.”

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Rejuvenating Face Mask by Evio Beauty

Founder Brandi Leifso says: “At 21, I was living in a women's shelter where I created the concept for Evio. From humble beginnings, I developed a collection of good-for-you makeup and skincare products to redefine luxury beauty to be kind, conscious and affordable. I lead Evio with kindness in mind with initiatives such as the 20,000 acts of kindness for 2020 and its 1-for-1 program that donates product for every product purchased to organizations that support the underdog, such as Woodgreen's Homeward Bound.

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Hand Sanitizer by Tru Green Organics

Founder Bahare "Bee" Pirouzi says: “I started this company after my hand made products were being desired by friends and family. I had been making my own skin & hair products since my early teens. I draw a lot of inspiration from my European and Middle Eastern descent, respecting nature embracing herbs, spices, greens and organic plant based materials to utilize and prepare for beauty without any harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our skin is our largest organ and we need to treat it with all the respect it deserves.”

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Sea Kelp Crush Bath Salts by Bathorium

Co-Founders Gregory Macdonald + Mathieu Roy Chabot say: “Bathorium was founded on the concept of benefits-based bathing with bath soaks that invigorate, restore and rejuvenate you. Obsessing over the product quality, integrity of the ingredients and consistent bath innovation are the guiding principles ingrained into the entire Bathorium team.”

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Waterproof Hair Sleeve, by Pony Dry

Founder Jessica Watson says: “PonyDry was born out of necessity. I wanted to help women with long hair wash only the roots while keeping ends dry. PonyDry saves you time, reduces hair damage while still giving you that clean feeling.”