Needing a little extra motivation to transition back into "work mode" and refocus on the goals and intentions you set for 2021?

Join City MOGULS for a FREE 5-Day workshop to unlock motivation, inspiration, and kickstart getting back to business.

The Challenge is closed, but drop your contact info to stay up-to-date on the next one!

Get back to work with motivation and focus:

The Back to Business Challenge

Getting back into your business full swing after a buzzing summer doesn’t have to feel so daunting and overwhelming.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Imagine what would happen if you spent your time with 100+ inspiring, successful, and big thinkers… just imagine!

By being a part of the Back to Business Challenge, you will:

  • Gain a deep sense of accomplishment and crush your goals
  • Gain motivation to take on the final months of 2021
  • Get 5 days of tangible resources and recordings
  • Join a community that will always have your back

If you feel stuck and unmotivated in your business, this workshop series is literally curated for you!


A Sneak Peak into the Challenge


Set your priorities straight.

Get clear on your priorities for the rest of 2021. Join City MOGULS Co-Founder Victoria Marshman for real-time priority and goal setting training that will lead to breakthrough ideas for your business. Join the first day live-session to co-work with fellow entrepreneurs and go-getters.


Get intentional.

Take ownership of the priorities and goals you set in Day 1. Do they align with your values? Get matched with an Integrity Buddy to talk through your intentions. Get a taste of the City MOGULS flagship mastermind program, MOGUL Crews.


Take action.

Learn the philosophy, know the details, and ignore everything in the middle. Hear it directly from MOGUL Member Stephanie Rourke Jackson. Join the live-session to learn how to have courageous conversations when it comes to taking action.


Get advice.

Drop in and get in a room with City MOGULS’ top MOGUL Mentors for quick tangible solutions that only an expert MOGUL can help you solve. Take advantage of this opportunity by bringing your specific business-related questions. We are here to help!



Wrap up the week by declaring your intentions for the rest of 2021, sharing your learnings from the week, and discover how you can get involved with City MOGULS so the entrepreneurial fun never has to end!


All live-sessions will start at 10am EST for 45 minutes starting Monday, September 20th. When you sign up you will gain access to all recordings and workshop resources entirely FREE!