4 Ways to Really Stand Out in 2022

Monique Hutson

by Monique Hutson

Published: January 12, 2022

There’s something about getting dressed for work and stopping at the same coffee shop every morning, or even looking for a flight and heading to the same travel site.

Heck, even searching for everything and anything on the internet…. and we all know there’s one search engine that reigns supreme ( it rhymes with woogle.)

So what makes us go back to the same company/business each and every time?

From your favorite department store, favorite restaurant and even your favorite dealership…

They all offer a special something that keeps you coming back - a value proposition that proves to you and many others that they are the one and only choice for your needs. 

Are you wondering how to achieve that status in your own business?

Well first of all, let's remember that YOU are your company’s greatest assets. Nobody can do things the way you do them - and don’t you forget it!

Here are four ways to stand out in 2022:

1. Review your prices

Should you be charging more or less? Consider the quality of your work and the time it takes to do it. Can you afford to discount your services in order to stand out? Or could you stand to charge more in what some call “prestige pricing”?

TIP: Check out these tips on how to price your product if you’re in e-commerce or if you’re a service provider.  

2. Show off your expertise

This will require a bit of PR on your part (or your team’s). Look for opportunities to speak at conferences, meetings, podcasts or TV segments. You could even try hosting your own Clubhouse rooms or IG lives. Share more educational content and testimonials on social media so people start to see you as an expert in your field… because you are!

TIP: Ready to hit the mean podcast streets? Here’s an extensive guide on how to pitch yourself as a guest on a podcast.

3. Gather and organize your data

Think about how many times you’ve cited stats from another company. You can build authority and credibility by surveying your audience, packaging the data neatly, and offering it for distribution. It can be as simple as “the most favourable vegetables in soup” to something more complex like “the most popular CTAs in email marketing based on audience behaviours”.

TIP: Not sure where to start? Depending on your goal, here are seven ways to collect data.

4. Make deeper connections with your audience

Take the time to engage with your audience via social media, check in on clients over email, ask people out for coffee… because an authentic interaction with a customer will always leave a longer lasting impression. 

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