4 Ways To Give Back and Feel Good

Monique Hutson

by Monique Hutson

Published: November 30, 2021

Something about the change in weather, red Starbucks cups, and the influx of event invites either puts people in the holiday spirit… or gets them stressed af. Or sometimes it’s a mix of the two.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with strategic planning for the new year?

We get it. The end of the year can put a lot of pressure on people to get all the things done. But on the other hand, it’s important to take a moment to sit back, reflect and see how we can give back.

We promise it feels amazing. Even when you’re in a seasonal overwhelmed funk.

Of course, you can go the route of donating funds to a charity of your choice, but there are also a bunch of ways to give back that don’t involve money.

Here are four creative ways your business can give back to your community:

1. Offer opportunities to connect

It could be as simple as a coworking sesh over Zoom, or as extravagant as an in-person holiday bash. If you have the capacity to host and you’re fortunate enough to have/be a part of a community, invite them to connect. Having the space to chat, network, air grievances and celebrate wins may just be what the doctor ordered this time of year. For example, we’re inviting MOGUL Members to our Reflect and Reset virtual event on Dec 15 at 5 pm ET!

2. Offer your platform

Who doesn’t appreciate a shout-out? Dedicate a social media post this month to promoting another business or entrepreneur. A story, a live, a pin, a reel, a tik tok - take your pick. All are great ways to get your community involved while supporting someone else.

3. Offer mentorship

As we approach the end of the year, maybe business is slowing down and you have some time available. Why not share your knowledge and skillset with another entrepreneur or youth group? This Toronto not-for-profit offers business training to youth and is currently looking for mentors for its virtual Winter programs. Mentor applications close December 10th!

4. Offer equipment you no longer need

Getting rid of monitors, printers, laptops or hard drives? What about office furniture? Got a subscription to a service that you’re not really using? We’re sure there are a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs out there who would gladly take them off your hands. Reach out to your community to gauge interest or post about it on social media or Facebook Marketplace.

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