25 Ways To Make The Most of a Pandemic Holiday Season (and support local)

Samantha Schleese

by Samantha Schleese

Published: December 18, 2020

This year has been anything but traditional. Even though 2020 has taken a lot away from us, it has also been a year of growth, innovation, and new traditions. We have all pivoted our businesses more times than we can count and now it’s time to pivot our holiday traditions. This year is the year to support local businesses and try new things.

Here is a list of 25 things you CAN do this season to keep things festive and bright, while also keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy:

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1. Hand write holiday letters to your friends and family (bonus points if you buy cards from a local business)

2. Update your winter gear

Support a good cause and keep your head warm with a new hat from Tenfed

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3. Decorate your house for the holidays

4. Learn a new skill.

Knitting, baking, yoga, painting, anything you have been putting off because “you don’t have enough time”!

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5. Pull out your holiday pajamas and have a pajama day party with your family or friends over zoom

6. Indulge with treats from a local bakery

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7. Drive around and admire the amazing holiday light displays in your neighbourhood

8. Walk along your main street and look at the holiday window displays

The Hudson’s Bay Holiday Windows in Downtown Toronto are on display now!

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9. Do a virtual secret snowflake gift exchange over Zoom

10. Book time at an ice skating rink and spend some time outside

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11. Purchase a new holiday themed mask

Check our Nicole Bach’s festive matching mask and scrunchie set

12. Organize holiday drinks and appetizers with your friends and family

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13. Donate to a cause in need

Give the gift of hope this season and help the Covenant House Toronto support at-risk youth in Toronto

14. Try a new holiday recipe that you have been wanting to make

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15. Warm yourself up with a festive scented candle

These are our favourites

16. Binge watch holiday movies

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17. Drive out to a ski hill and spend the day on the slopes

18. Don’t know how to ski? Rent snowshoes and take a walk through our beautiful winter forests.

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19. Experiment with a new makeup routine

Support a local brand and get new products from Cheekbone Beauty

20. Update your team’s headshots with sparkly new shots

Check out Dom Productions services

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21. Pick up a book you have been waiting to read

22. Bake holiday cookies and share them with friends and family

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23. Prioritize self-care with an at-home spa day

Order some spa day essentials from Bathorium to really pamper yourself!

24. Pop some bubbly at your New Years celebration and take the occasion to dress up at home!

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25. Support local this Holiday Season

Purchase the MOGULS Holiday Essentials box for the empowered woman in your life