Each year MOGULS are nominated by the public and carefully selected by our trusted advisory board, producers, and committee. The MOGULS featured in each event come from all different industries and backgrounds including tech, business, art, fashion, marketing, television, health, and much more. 

MOGUL Criteria

  1. Entrepreneur/ influencers/ leader/ notable person in the community.

  2. MOGULS and/ or their companies must be innovative, newsworthy, and influential. 

  3. Passionate go-getters that have had their business for at least 5 years.

  4. Are philanthropic; they support a specific charity, are passionate about giving back, do volunteer work, and/or have their own foundation/ charitable organization, initiative, etc. 

  5. Available on event date (to be determined). Available for 2-3 other dates leading up to the event. Available for video and photoshoots. 

Know someone who deserves to be honoured and walk our runway?



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