The perfect team — Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. - Helen Keller


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Dani Kagan, Co-Founder

Dani is a passionate and motivated entrepreneur, event producer, dance teacher, and fashion enthusiast. With her love for creating memorable experiences and connecting motivated and innovative thinkers, Dani began City MOGULS to help provide a platform for young people to meet in meaningful ways while giving back. Dani is a proud partner of Stratus Events Inc., a Toronto based event production and planning company, which she opened one year ago with Victoria Marshman She has had the privilege of working with brands and companies such as, Roots Canada, Toronto Fashion Week, The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA), Sunnybrook Hospital, The Four Seasons Hotel, Cadillac and much more. 

With over 17 yeas of experience within the dance industry as a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, Dani is able to share her passion of dance with her students and help inspire others through the art of dance. With her passion for inspiring others through the power of live events, Dani is thrilled to bring young like-minded individuals together for a night of incredible fashion, networking, and community philanthropy.

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Victoria Marshman, Co-Founder

Victoria is a passionate and driven event planner, dance teacher and entrepreneur. As a founding member of the City MOGULS team, Victoria comes from a wealth of event and logistics experience.

Victoria is a proud partner of Stratus Events Inc - a Toronto based event planning, PR and social media agency.  With an expertise in event logistics and social media marketing, Victoria works with clients to build customized content and customer experiences. She has had the privilege of collaborating and working with several brands including: The Canadian Fashion Group, The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, Haddon Strategy, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, WE and Sunnybrook Hospital. Victoria has created and organized several events and organizations including: Passion Search Competition, International Canadian Fashion Showcase (ICFS) and many more.

Victoria has a passion for dance and over 20 years of experience within the industry. Currently, she is a dance teacher at the Conservatory of Dance of Music and has taught and choreographed at some of Toronto's top studios including: Elite Danceworx, Karpov Dance Academy, and the University of Toronto Dance Team. With a passion for empowering youth and connecting influencers in the Toronto community, she is looking forward to merging her passions into a collective effort to make Toronto a more socially conscious and giving community.

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Monica Gold, Co-Founder

Monica is an ambitious & energetic individual who thrives off of people, music, fashion and especially dance. Best known for her confidence empowering brand, Find Your Fierce, Monica is a social media specialist by day and a dancer, choreographer, performer by night.

Monica has turned her insatiable passion for dance and fitness into a business and brand called "Find Your Fierce" (FYF). Offering classes in both dance and cardio dance fitness to all levels ranging from beginner to professional, FYF focuses on bringing joy, confidence and body embrace to all participants. Beyond dance, FYF continues to grow as a brand which seeks to reach outside of the studio and encourage all people to face theirs fears and find the strength within themselves to chase their passions in life.

With many overlapping values related to hustle, motivation and giving back, Monica is incredibly enthusiastic about City MOGULS and being part of the motivated team of women producing the event. 

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Elysha Varenbut, Junior Producer

Elysha is a born and raised Toronto girl. She has over five years of industry experience, with an expertise in sponsorship, volunteer management and event logistics. Elysha’s organization, attention to detail, and contagious enthusiasm is evident in all projects she works on. 

In addition to City MOGULS, Elysha is a Senior Account Manager at Stratus Events - A Toronto based company that provides brands with innovative event production concepts and design, strategic social media plans, and high-end event management. In this role, Elysha has had the privilege of working with several brands including Toronto Fashion Week, UforChange, and The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards'. 

Elysha's passion for philanthropy and motivation to succeed make the perfect combination to have as part of the City MOGULS team.

Dave Keystone & Nicole Servinis, Event Hosts


Dave Keystone is an award winning Canadian television host, humorist, writer, and producer. He is the winner of the 2018 Canadian Screen Award for Best Host of a Web Program for his work on Small Talk on CBC. and winner of the 2018 International Academy of Web Television Award for Best Host, and Best Pre-Recorded Hosted Series for his interview series, Who We Are. He is also known as host of Corus Entertainment's Cook'd on YTV, and co-creator and host of the viral web-series Kids On, a 16-part program where he seeks dating advice from kids

Nicole Servinis a producer at Canada's #1 Entertainment Show, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and has interviewed Meghan Markle, Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham, Victoria Secret models, Rita Ora, Kim Cattrall and many more. She has also produced red carpet shoots for the Toronto International Film Festival,  featuring stars like George Clooney, Julia Roberts,. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet.